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SCIENCE Sites: (see also Chemistry) TOOLS:
  • Homework Help: Get H/W help on any subject.
  • Metacrawler: One of the best search engines.
  • Searching the Web: Link to Hemphill HS site.
  • General References: from Wilton HS. (not working 5/08)
  • NYTimes Learning Center: Look around a little.
  • Navigating the Web: Do YOU know the 8 ways? (coming)
  • EdSelect:Ref site for students: Need to look around. A lot here.
  • Traci's Lists of 10: Pointers in many areas, esp. writing.
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    Zines +Other + Good Linksites on many topics:

  • ScienceNews.com
  • ScienceNews Online: one of the best weekly mags for science.
  • Science Magazine On Line:
  • PBS: NOVA:
  • Discover Mag:
  • Popular Mechanics:
  • Discovery Channel:
  • --****www.envirolink.org: Grouped by category, this will take you to many other resources
  • Science Illustrated: great new mag. You'll love it.
  • IGC: ECONET: Annotated links to many sites.  (not working?? 5/08)
  • E Magazine:One of best Search Engines to find topics related to environmental issues.
  • -WebActive Topic Index :Webactive Directory: One of the best places to find info on almost anything. (Not working 5/08)
  • Click for links to other Action and Collaboration  resources taken from the Current Issues in Science website. (needs to be updated: 5/08)
  • Rethinking Schools newspaper: Great resource. Check it out!
  • Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide.
  • How Things Work: Worth spending some time looking around.
  • Project Censored: Read the news they didn't want you to know about.
  • Alternet: For news not in the regular press.
  • Contents  Science Sites Women Orgs Other ESCHS

    Women & People of Color in Science, Math & Technology:
    Contents  Science Sites Women Orgs Other ESCHS

    Search a site for possible topics. Always be sure to check "links;" they can lead to other valuable sites.Many sites have areas specifically for younger children.  For a more complete listing, including Links to specific Topics, and ways to take Action and Collaboration,  goto my Current Issues in Science page.
    1. www.ucsusa.org(Not snazzy, but one of best) : Union of Concerned Scientists
    2. www.greenpeace.org/Greenpeace International
    3. www.sierraclub.org/Sierra Club
    4. www.greenpeaceusa.orgGreenpeace USA
    5. Common Dreams:  Wealth of materials from different perspectives, not just environment.
    6. www.panda.org  World Wildlife Fund
    7. www.foe.co.ukFriends of the Earth (UK)
    8. www.earthisland.org/ei/(***one of the BEST***)
    9. www.edf.orgEnvironmental Defense Fund
    10. ****www.envirolink.org: Grouped by category, this will take you to many other resources
    11. www.nrdc.org: National Resources Defense Council
    12. www.epa.gov/: US Environmental Protection Agency
    13. www.nwf.orgNational Wildlife Fund
    14.  International Wildlife Coalition. Deals mostly with animals
    15. www.essential.org: look for Environmental Resources Information Network
    16. PIRG:Public Interest Research Group.
    17. Free the Planet: Many issues; geared for kids.
    18. Environment Australia On-Line:
    19. Common Dreams 2000 News Center: A wild site dealing with all types of subjects.
    20. NJ Sierra Club:For information related to New Jersey goto Sierra Activist.
    22. Ecomall: Not an NGO, but worth checking out.
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    Electronic Activist: Your on-line connection with governmental agents & agencies.
    NOTE: Info needs to be updated; added. Many links from sites on below links may be outdated; 5/08)

    Click here for links to other Action and Collaboration  resources taken from the Current Issues in Science website.

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    KIDSITES: coming. Posting of student work/projects. (We need help with this, folks. Any volunteers?)
    Contents  Science Sites Women Orgs Other ESCHS


    I have a son, 21, and daughter, 23 (in  2001). I graduated from Princeton (NJ) high school, started out as a chemistry major at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA and graduated with a BA,  majoring in psychology. I was part of the Teacher Corps, working and teaching 11th & 12th grade high school chemistry and physics in rural Alabama and receiving an M.Ed. from Livingston University (now the University of South West Alabama). I also have an M. Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. I worked in a steel mill for ten years before going to Ridgewood, NJ to teach 9th grade IPS and algebra at George Washington Jr. HS and then general science at Benjamin Franklin Middle School, a New Jersey Star School and U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School.  For 13 years we had Super Science Saturday, a science extravaganza.  In September 2000 I joined the staff at East Side Community HS in lower Manhattan (an alternative public hs of about 500, grades 7-12) and am now teaching chemistry. I have traveled in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe,  most of the USA, and was part of an Earthwatch expedition studying rainforests in Australia.

    Albert Einstein is a particularly special person to me. In addition to all of his scientific contributions, he was just a terrific human being, a socialist and pacifist (he did not "invent" the atom bomb), and took a very brave and strong stand in society about his beliefs. (During W.W.I he was one of only four scientists who signed a "Manifesto to the European People" decrying the war and German nationalism). He was Jewish and had his books burned and property confiscated as the Nazis came to power. His first wife helped him with much of the math for his early work, and was supposed to share in his Nobel prize. Thanks to John Baldwin for sponsoring an "Einstein Teach-In" at the Institute and for this page of  LINKS.

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